This 15-Year-Old's Comment About A Car Hitting A Dunkin' In Rhode Island Is Going Viral For Obvious Reasons

Every now and then a local news interview goes viral.

Reporter on field holding microphone for news segment
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Last year, we were introduced to the "most Philadelphia man ever."

Fox 29/ Twitter: @MarcusFOX29

There was the news anchor who casually shrugged off getting hit by a literal car.

WSAZ/Twitter: @HowardWKYT

And then there's my absolute favorite: "All the Chili's have closed... WHAT?" lady.

Now, we have a 15-year-old's comment about a car crashing into a Dunkin' in Cranston, Rhode Island.

Person being interviewed by news crew with police and emergency vehicles in the background

Here's what he had to say about the crash:

WRPI/ Twitter: @meldasilva9

As this person said, "You know he thought of that and knew it was going to go crazy."

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