'100% real ghost' filmed in Perth front yard

A Perth man believes he has captured "Incredible 100% evidence of a real ghost" when a camera picked up a strange spectre moving around his front yard.

In the video uploaded to YouTube Thursday, a faint white apparition appears to dance about between a number of cars in the man's yard before disappearing into thin air.

The ghost darted about between the cars like it was dancing. Source: YouTube/mazdafreo

"Evidence of a ghost in the front yard walking through the cars," wrote the uplaoder mazdafreo.

He later commented the footage was captured on his driveway in Coogee.

The phenomenon of light shows the white apparition that appears almost as though it is two-dimensional.

The Perth man who recorded the footage believes it is '100% real evidence' of a ghost. Source: YouTube/mazdafreo

It jumps around the screen, moving from the right of the shot through the centre and out of the left of the screen.

The shape and movements of the "ghost" make it almost impossible to assume it was an animal. However, it could be a moth fluttering close to the camera lens.

With the advent of cameras filling every pocket, car dashboard and home security system, the number of "ghost sightings" has certainly increased in recent years. But with so much technology, the existence of paranormal beings has not been proven.

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