10 things which could cost drivers $750 in this holiday hotspot

Nestled just off the South Australian coast, Kangaroo Island has wowed tourists for centuries thanks to its preserved habitats and extremely varied wildlife.

It’s why the local council has gone above and beyond to ensure the island’s natural beauty remains intact, and that has included creating a specialist set of bylaws to prevent it from being disrupted.

Within these bylaws, drivers are not allowed to do a range of different activities using their vehicles with some being anything but obvious. So just what could be deemed unlawful on Kangaroo Island?

Sea lions on beach. Source: Getty Images
Kangaroo Island's unique ecosystem means drivers need to adhere to even more rules than usual. Source: Getty Images

Road rules prohibit commercial activities

In the road by-laws created by the Kangaroo Island Council, a range of different activities are banned unless someone gets an explicit permit allowing them to do so.

A lot of these activities are generally actions that could generate revenue or commercial activity for someone looking to exploit the island’s lively tourist market.

Some of the commercial activities that are not allowed to be done from vehicles on Kangaroo Island include:

  • Any form of soliciting

  • Setting up any type of performance – artistic or musical

  • Any form of advertising

  • Any non-emergency engineering or mechanical service

  • Using a sound system to broadcast or amplify advertisements or announcements

It’s a clear indication to the general public that there is certainly no tolerance for anyone trying to make a sneaky dollar unless there is a direct need for it within the local community.

Therefore, anyone planning to busk on the side of the road or wanting to sell random goods to passers-by may need to rethink their actions.

Even non-commercial entities are not exempt. The bylaws also prevent charities and religious groups from preaching or collecting donations from within their vehicle.

If you try doing any of these acts without a permit, the local authorities will issue you a direct fine of $750 for breaking local laws.

Call for drivers to respect the environment

Alongside banning non-permitted commercial activities, there are also laws targeted towards tourists to ensure they respect the local environment during their time on Kangaroo Island.

The biggest set of rules apply to tourists considering bringing their pets on holiday with them to the island.

While animals aren’t directly banned from the island itself, owners must ensure their pets are not left unattended at any time near a road and ensure they don’t do anything that may cause passing vehicles to crash.

These rules are designed to not only keep animals safe near the roadside but also to protect Kangaroo Island’s rich ecosystem that has become one of its main attractions.

Tourists are also banned from camping and sleeping on the roadside, meaning anyone wanting to stay overnight on the island will need to find either a local hotel or a regulated campsite.

Man with luggage next to car. Source: Getty Images
Roadside camping and sleeping in your car are banned throughout Kangaroo Island. Source: Getty Images

Don’t forget the basics

Even though Kangaroo Island has its own set of unique road laws, the island also adheres to the road rules set out by the South Australian government.

This means drivers on the island shouldn’t try anything they wouldn’t try at home and there is also a maximum speed limit of 80km/h on all roads – paved or not.

The council hopes the local laws will keep Kangaroo Island a natural haven for everyone to enjoy.

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