Charges over Brisbane toddler death may not be laid for weeks

It could be weeks before police decide whether to lay charges over the death of Northgate toddler Maddilyn-Rose Stokes.

The two-year old's extended family is demanding answers, with the government under fire over how much, or how little, it knew.

The little girl died on Thursday night after authorities were called when she stopped breathing.

Police believe severe burns on her lower body were to blame.

Maddilyn-Rose Stokes pictured with her mum. Photo: 7 News

Officers were at the home with a plumber on Saturday. Photo: 7 News

The burns were days old and had been left untreated.

Her parents, Shane Stokes and Nicole Moore are persons of interest in their daughter's death.

Mr Stokes' brother has reached out on social media writing: "don't lie, tell the truth... so your own little girl can have justice".

Social media pictures of the young girl and her parents. Photo: 7 News

The toddler's parents say she was burnt in a scalding hot bath.

Today a plumber joined detectives at the family's Northgate home where tests were carried out and the bath re-filled to check if the hot water system was working correctly.

Maddilyn-Rose's parents had been accused of not feeding her in the past.

In 2015, they were charged with child cruelty, which was downgraded to failing to provide the necessities of life.

The couple received 18 month good behaviour bonds.

Police investigating at the Northbridge home on Thursday. Photo: 7 News

Yesterday, Child Safety Minister Shannon Fentiman said the family wasn't currently under investigation.

Queensland Opposition leader Tim Nicholls is calling for a thorough review.

"The minister seems to be playing word games with little kids lives," Mr Nicholls said.

"And it needs to be better than the investigations we've seen so far into the tragic death of Mason Jet Lee."

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has said: "I think we all need to be patient about that and let the police do their job".

While a family and the community are waiting for answers.

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