Zombies spook Qld MPs in climate demo

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Blood-drenched zombies have turned Queensland's parliament and a major road into a dead end in a protest for climate change action.

Extinction Rebellion protesters dressed as the undead swarmed the perimeter of parliament and Brisbane's George Street as politicians were turning up for the first sitting day of the year on Tuesday.

The billionaire, worker and scientist-themed zombies chased MPs, blocked their cars from entering the building and even briefly breached the gates before being pushed out by police.

XR spokesperson Rachel said the demonstration highlighted the lack of state government action on climate change.

"They have yet to declare a climate emergency," she said in a statement.

"They continue to invest in destructive industries and prioritise profit over people; the COVID-19 gas-led recovery plan is just one recent devastating example of that".

The protest was the 10th held by XR in central Brisbane since October with the zombies turning to block George St after being shepherded away from parliament's gates by police.

The demonstrators danced to the Michael Jackson hit Thriller or laid down on the road and wiggled, bringing traffic to a halt before they were moved on by police.

"We take roads because Extinction Rebellion will continue a campaign of mass civil-disobedience led by everyday people until we experience real change led by real democracy," Rachel said.

"Other tactics, such as petitioning, door knocking, going to marches and voting are not working for us in a system where the fossil fuel industry provide the largest source of political donations to both major parties.

"Our government is compromised and deadlocked."