Zoë Kravitz Playfully Roasted Her Dad Lenny Kravitz About His Love For Exposing His Nipples

Lenny Kravitz has always been seen as the epitome of cool, but if there's one person who can playfully humble him, it's his equally cool daughter, Zoë Kravitz.

Lenny and Zoë Kravitz sitting front row at an event, one in a pinstripe suit, the other in a glittery top and jeans
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On Tuesday, Lenny was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The veteran singer-songwriter, who brought us hits like "Fly Away," "It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over," "Again," and "Let Love Rule," was celebrated in a star-studded ceremony.

Lenny kneeling beside his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, wearing a suit and sunglasses
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Among those stars were legendary actor Denzel Washington and Lenny's daughter Zoë. Zoë gave a speech with her dad by her side and while she paid tribute to the amazing man he's been in her life, she also poked fun at him in a way that only family can — and that included his interesting fashion choices.

zoe, lenny, and denzel at the ceremony
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"Lenny Kravitz, I've had the pleasure of knowing you for a long time," Zoë said. "I must say, being your daughter has been one of the great adventures of my life."

lenny and zoe smiling at each other
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"Since you were so young when I was born, in many ways we've grown up together. We've been through a lot. We've seen a lot."

Lenny stands next to ex-wife Lisa Bonet who is holding a baby Zoë at an event
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She went on to gush over the way he's matured throughout the years and the special ways he's remained the same.

Lenny and a pre-teen Zoë smile for a photo
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"I've seen your incredible dedication to your art, but mostly I've seen through your shirts. According to my dad, if it doesn't expose your nipples, it's not a shirt."

zoe looking back at her dad as she stands at a podium
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She admitted to feeling embarrassed when she was younger when he would pick her up from school with his chest exposed, but she's grown to accept it.

teen zoe with lenny's arm around her at an event
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"At this point, I accept it. You really do pull it off. Your relationship with the netted shirt is probably your longest one. And it works."

Lenny in a sheer top with leather sleeves on the red carpet
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"You two make each other better and if it ain't broke, don't fix it. It's a beautiful thing."

Lenny Kravitz in a sheer lace top, leather pants, and a cape on the red carpet
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Zoë went on to explain that the things that make her dad cool aren't what people would assume. It isn't about how he presents himself on the outside, instead, it's because of the genuine person he is on the inside.

Father and daughter arm in arm on the red carpet
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"Your radness doesn't come from your shades or leather pants or netted shirts. It comes from your true love of life. Everything you do is an expression of that love."

  Amy Sussman / Getty Images
Amy Sussman / Getty Images

"Your music, your lyrics, your live performances, your homes, your love of food and family, your good conversations, your stupid jokes, dance parties, late-night kitchen talks — you absolutely devour life."

Lenny in patterned attire playing electric guitar onstage with audience in foreground
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"You eat up every crumb and lick the plate. Life is your art and that is why your music is so inspiring and important. You make people feel alive. You remind them of the only thing that matters: Love."

lenny in a mesh top and sunglasses playing electric guitar on stage
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Zoë speech generated a lot of laughs and even more applause. Lenny beamed as he watched her. Once she finished her speech, Lenny pulled Zoë into a big hug and held her tight, as he complimented her on the sweet words she shared.


Name a cuter daddy-daughter duo, I'll wait! To listen to her full speech, check out the video below.

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