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Never look at ugly TV wires again, thanks to this brilliant cord cover — down to $9

What is it?

Imagine this all-too-familiar scenario: your home is clean. Everything is organized, and you've even dusted behind the TV — but your eye is drawn to that rat's nest of cables every time you even look in the general direction of the screen. It's tough to completely hide cables behind a TV, and it can detract from an otherwise perfect space. No more! This TV Cord Cover from ZhiYo is a stylish, elegant solution to a common problem. Just run the cables behind it, pop it on the wall (and if needed, paint it). Right now, you can get this handy gadget for just $9, down from $16 — that's over 40% off.

Available in four different colors, this cord cover can also be painted to perfectly match your wall.

$9 at Amazon

Why is this a good deal?

You can't put a price on a clutter-free house, but nine bucks is a pretty good deal — outside of Prime Day, we haven't seen a price drop on this gadget since the summer. The deal is for the white version, but you can also get it in black, grey and beige.

Why do I need this?

The living room TV is the entertainment center of the home, but that often means there are all kinds of different cables back there: one for the TV power, another for a game console, several HDMI cords, and so on. The ZhiYo TV Cord Cover is 1.5 inches wide and 0.75 inches high, which is more than enough to hide even a large bundle of cables inside its frame. Sure, the surface might stand out a little from the wall — but after painting it to match your color scheme, you won't notice.

Each cover comes in two pieces that separate at their center so you can easily slide cables inside. There are even built-in tracks to help you keep things organized while adding more than one cable at a time. The covers are 31.5 inches long and attach to the wall with adhesive tape, so there's no need to drill holes. Just press and hold until the adhesive takes (about 30 seconds or so). If that's too long, these can easily be trimmed down to size.

TV with cord cover underneath
Say goodbye to cable clutter with this easy-to-use cord cover. (Amazon)

What reviewers say:

Over 3,700 five-star reviewers have nothing but love for this cord cover. "This silly little thing makes me so happy," said one homeowner. "It just tidied up the messy cords and looks so much better. It was so easy to install and adheres very nicely to the wall. It comes in two pieces and I only needed one, so I plan to use the other for the basement TV!"

Another customer pointed out that this is a great option for renters who can't resort to more permanent solutions: "Hung my TV up but had the HDMI, Blu-ray player, and internet cord all dangling down. I didn't want something bulky and am not in a position to put the wires behind the wall so this was a perfect option. [The] color happened to match the wall paint perfectly. Highly recommend for renters."

"Love these things. Plenty of room in them," revealed this shopper. "I will say we moved about six months ago and there was no getting them off the wall, even with heat, without ripping off the paint. So once you stick it, it’s stuck. But they are great. At the new place have them in every room. And if you want them to match the wall colors just get some sandpaper, do a sand, and then paint them."

Hiding stray TV cables is this gadget's trick.

$9 at Amazon

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