Zelenskyy reveals consequenses of Russian attack on recreational facility in Kharkiv Oblast

Consequences of the Russian attack on Kharkiv Oblast on May 19
Consequences of the Russian attack on Kharkiv Oblast on May 19

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy reminded the world that Russian army is striking Ukraine with missiles, bombs, and artillery every day, and also showed a video of consequences of their attack in Kharkiv Oblast, on his Telegram on May 19.

Zelenskyy noted that 16 people have been injured and five killed. According to him, two Patriot air defense systems can “fundamentally change the situation” in air in Kharkiv Oblast.

“The world can stop Russian terror - and for this, it must overcome the lack of political will of their leaders," he wrote.

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"Air defense systems for our cities and sufficient support for our soldiers on the front line will ensure defeat of Russian regime."

Zelensky added that every day he receives new reports on Russian terrorist strikes on territory of Ukraine.

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President also expressed condolences to families of those killed in Kharkiv Oblast as a result of a Russian Iskander strike on a recreation center on the shore of a reservoir.

Russians attacked Cherkaska Lozova in Kharkiv Oblast with Iskander-M missiles on May 19. At least 16 people were injured and five were killed. Kharkiv governor, Oleh Synehubov, said that an 8-year-old child is among injured. Regional police added that Russian strike also killed a woman in her seventh month of pregnancy.

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Among the wounded are a police officer and a paramedic who arrived to help people and were injured as a result of a second strike.

Russian troops also attacked Kharkiv with guided aerial bombs on May 18, injuring six people, including three children.

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