Zara Tindall 'falls asleep' at King Charles' coronation: 'We've all been there'

The royal was reportedly out partying until 2am the night before with her husband, Mike Tindall.

She’s known as one of the most relatable members of the royal family and Zara Tindall’s fans have lost it over a hilarious moment of the Olympic equestrian at King Charles’ coronation.

The mother-of-three, who according to the Daily Mail was out on the town with her husband, Mike Tindall, until 2am the night before the ceremony, appeared to fall asleep for a split second as they waited for the new King to enter Westminster Abbey.

In a video posted to TikTok by @hrhzara, Zara can be seen staring into the distance, seated beside her brother, Peter Phillips, and husband.

Zara Tindall at King Charles' coronation
Zara Tindall appeared to fall asleep at the King's coronation. Photo: TikTok/hrhzara

She then appears to close her eyes for a few seconds before being brought back into the moment when her cousin, Princess Eugenie, turns around to chat with her.

Royal fans went wild over the moment, with one person commenting on the video: “When you go out at night but have a family function in the morning. We’ve all been there.”


“Just giving her eyes a little rest,” another person wrote.

“The aftermath of the 2am partying!! Gotta love the Tindalls,” a fan of the couple said.

“This is a woman who has practiced falling asleep discreetly,” another said.

Zara Zindall in blue at King Charles' coronation
The video appears to show Zara nodding off as she waited for King Charles to enter the ceremony. Photo: TikTok/hrhzara

Zara and her husband, Mike, reportedly dined at private member's club Oswald's in Mayfair the night before the coronation, with her mother, Princess Anne and her uncles, Prince Edward and Prince Andrew.

After the meal, it’s believed the couple carried on their night at the Arts Club, before they were photographed trying to hail a taxi home at 2am.

Zara Tindall and Mike Tindall walking into King Charles' coronation
Zara stunned in a bespoke baby blue Laura Green coat dress. Photo: TikTok/hrhzara

Looking at photos of the couple - who have three children together - making their way into Westminster Abbey, you’d never know they had been out on the town just eight hours earlier.

Zara looked stunning in a bespoke baby blue Laura Green coat dress and a pair of matching Emmy London pumps. She matched the outfit with a ​​Juliette Botterill fascinator and a Strathberry bag.

The couple also looked perky and positive the day after the King's coronation, when they watched Katy Perry and Lionel Richie perform at the coronation concert.

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