Yummy! Answers: What is the best way to remove scum from hotpot soup?

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Hotpot season is upon us! To avoid incurring excessive gym memberships we would not utilise (let’s be honest here) after Chinese New Year, some preventive measures against overeating and consuming too much of a good thing is in order.

One way we can lessen the amount of bad calories from hotpot is to avoid consuming the scum (which is usually made of denatured protein from bone stocks) and fats that float to the top of the broth. So what’s the easiest way to remove scum should you not have a scum strainer on hand? We check out a hack to skim the scum off hotpot soup. Check it out.

If you’re thinking of investing in a scum strainer, here is one you can get before Chinese New Year.

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