People Who Have Changed Careers: Why Did You Make The Switch, And Are You Happy You Did?

When it comes to finding a career that truly fulfills you, not everyone gets it right the first time, and that's OK! Priorities shift, interests change, life gets in the way, and sometimes, you come to learn that what you THOUGHT you wanted and what you ACTUALLY wanted weren't the same thing at all.

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All of this to say: Sometimes people totally change up their careers, and are way happier for it.

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Perhaps you wanted to be a teacher all your life, but after your first year in the classroom, you got tired of disrespectful kids, rude parents, poor leadership, budget cuts, and government interference. You kept seeing all these interesting esthetician videos on your TikTok for you page, so you decided to get your license and work in a spa. You're way happier now, and can actually say you love your job.

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Maybe you worked an office job up until your pregnancy, then decided to step away when you had your baby. You'd always enjoyed cooking and baking, but once you had a couple kids, you found yourself trying new recipes all the time and getting pretty savvy in the kitchen. Rather than go back to office life as your kids got a little older, you decided to start a small catering business with your neighbor. Now, you build your own schedule AND make delicious food all day.

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Or, maybe you worked in accounting for years, but once your first kid was born, you decided to write and illustrate your own children's book so you could read it to them. A publisher actually loved the book, and before you knew it, you were writing a highly-anticipated sequel and cleaning out your desk at your old office.

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Have you ever changed careers? What made you do it? Why are you happier now? Tell us in the comments below or submit anonymously using this form for a chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.