YouTube's Super Thanks tipping is now available to partners worldwide

You can customize your tip comments, too.

·1-min read

You no longer have to hold back if you've wanted to tip YouTube creators with a Super Thanks. YouTube has made the tipping feature available to all eligible creators in the 68 countries where the service's Partner Program exists. As a viewer, you now have the option to customize the comment that appears when you tip, whether you're watching on desktop or mobile.

Super Thanks is the latest form of YouTube's long-running efforts to get fans directly supporting video producers. You can spend between $2 to $50 to show your appreciation and get a specially-colored comment to highlight your contribution. YouTube takes a 30 percent cut, but this is theoretically easier for creators than linking a separate crowdfunding service (such as Patreon) and hoping viewers contribute.

The feature joins the livestream-oriented Super Chat. While it's still soon to say if the expanded Super Thanks will see much uptake, it could give some creatives a stronger incentive to post videos on YouTube instead of limiting themselves to TikTok, Twitch and other platforms where some form of tipping is already widely available.