YouTube prankster apologises for Uber ‘dead body’ prank

An Ipswich prankster who sparked a full-scale Brisbane homicide investigation has apologised for his actions.

On Tuesday night Christopher Matecki and his friend ordered an Uber to a unit complex in Sherwood.

When the driver reversed into the carpark he spotted the 27-year-old trying to stash what he believed to be a body in the boot.

Mr Matecki, a fitness fanatic and former Filipino top model, claims he had no idea just how big the reaction to his stunt was going to be.

Christopher Matecki said he had no idea the drama his prank would cause. Source: 7 News

He said it should have been obvious the “body” he tried to stash in an Uber was a fake and part of a YouTube craze.

“That was just a bag of vegetables with some shoes in it, the guy must have been blind, he was from a distance,” he told 7 News.

“I was telling him, it’s a prank, it’s a prank and he just looked at me like.”

That car park became a guarded crime scene for nine hours before officers investigating the possible homicide found their suspect at Southbank Tafe.

The unit complex became a crime scene for more than nine hours. Source: 7 News

“There was like 20 police officers come around the corner trying to arrest me,” Mr Matecki said.

As for the blood found in the carpark, Chris admits he did plant it there but for a previous project he was filming months ago.

“I did not expect it would go that far like … It’s not funny at all, I wasted a lot of time, I apologise for my actions,” he said.

It could be a week or two until he’s formally charged, but police vow it will happen.