Young vs. old: Differing opinions on mobilization in Ukraine — sociologist

Ukrainian soldiers in a Leopard 2A6 tank near the frontline in Donetsk Oblast, May 12, 2024
Ukrainian soldiers in a Leopard 2A6 tank near the frontline in Donetsk Oblast, May 12, 2024

Oleksiy Antypovych, director of the Rating Sociological Group, discussed the diverse opinions among Ukrainians about conscription in an interview with NV on May 12.

Antypovych stated that one-third of Ukrainians feel conscription levels are too low, while about 30% find them optimal and around 20% consider them excessive, with the rest undecided.

He noted a significant disparity in attitudes toward conscription among different age groups. "Nearly half of the younger generation sees the level of conscription as appropriate, but one-third deem it too high. Conversely, over 50% of the older generation finds it insufficient," Antypovych explained.

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Older individuals, who are not subject to conscription, often advocate for greater youth enlistment to ensure everyone's protection. Young people, however, argue that conscription levels are already high and burdensome. This creates a pronounced disagreement within society, especially between age groups.

The main reasons for reluctance toward conscription among Ukrainians are fear of death, capture, and injury.

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"Fewer people cite the unfairness of conscription, inadequacy of equipment, distrust in authorities, and corruption," he added.

Antypovych suggested that improving attitudes toward conscription could involve better protecting soldiers physically, socially, and financially.

Problems with conscription in Ukraine

Yevhen Dykyi, a veteran of the Russian-Ukrainian war, told NV Radio that Russian forces managed to break through the front due to a significant imbalance in troop numbers, as large Ukrainian cities had no conscription.

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"The frontline is warping because we are outnumbered 7 to 1, or even 10 to 1," Dykyi said.

“For us to be speaking on the air right now, each of our soldiers is holding off a unit of enemy infantry,” he added.

Maria Berlinska, head of the Aerial Reconnaissance Support Center, cited politically motivated conscription failures as a key weakness for Ukraine in an earlier interview with Radio NV.

Maksym Zhorin, deputy commander of the Third Assault Brigade, advocated for stricter penalties for military registration violations on May 1.

In late April, The New York Times reported that U.S. officials were urging Ukrainian counterparts to address these conscription issues.

Before the conscription bill vote on April 11, Lieutenant General Yuriy Sodol informed the parliament that Russian troops outnumbered Ukrainian forces by ratios of seven to ten times.

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