‘Young Sheldon’ holds mini ‘Coach’ reunion and fans love it: ‘I squealed so loudly!’

On Thursday’s Young Sheldon, a classic sitcom reunion took place when series regular Craig T. Nelson shared a scene with guest star Bill Fagerbakke. The moment came 24 years after the conclusion of their long-running ABC sitcom, Coach, and 17 years after the pair last appeared on screen together in an episode of The District on CBS.

On Thursday’s episode, Nelson and Fagerbakke play old friends who meet at a bar to catch up. And while it was the only scene the two shared in the episode, it was enough to get fans very excited watching home, as they went on social media with a fairly common sentiment: that it was “awesome.”

And viewers noticed what Young Sheldon executive producer Steve Molaro pointed out in an interview with TVLine ahead of Thursday’s airing, that the pair still have a great chemistry.

Nelson has continued to appear in major network shows over the years since Coach ended, while Fagerbakke has made a name for himself as the voice of Patrick Star on the hit animated show, SpongeBob SquarePants.

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