Young football star's last moments before tragic death

Disturbing vision has emerged which has reportedly captured the final moments leading up to a teenage football star’s death earlier this week.

Alexey Lomakin, 18, reportedly froze to death after a night out drinking with a friend and online reports claim CCTV shows the Lokomotiv Moscow player walking alone through a snowy park in the Russian capital.

The teen’s dark figure is seen staggering in the footage. He appears to briefly pause and bend over, before continuing on through the area and eventually falling in a river, The Mirror reports.

A fox can also be seen pulling an item, said to be the teenager’s jacket, which was later found about thirty metres away from his body.

CCTV reportedly shows the young man walking through a park in Moscow before falling in a river Source: МОСРЕГ/ YouTube

Authorities said a man walking his dog along the Gorodnya River came across the body on Sunday.

“His lower part was lying in water and the upper was lying on the shore,” a law enforcement official said.

“There were no signs of a violent death, only small scratches on his face that he could have got when he fell.”

The vision also appears to show a fox dragging something which is said to be the teen’s jacket. Source: МОСРЕГ/ YouTube

Evidence initially suggested the footballer may have died from hypothermia, with temperatures plummeting to around -7 degrees.

Experts are also investigating the remains following evidence from the teen’s mother that he may have had a drug used to dilate the pupils which led to “inappropriate behaviour”, reports claim.

Earlier this week the football club said it was “shocked by the tragedy.”

“FC Lokomotiv would like to express our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Alexey,” the tweet read.