Young family lose home and dog in devastating fire

A young family has been left homeless after a fire destroyed their home on Friday morning.

The uninsured couple and their three children not only lost their Banyo home, in Brisbane’s north – they also lost their beloved pet dog.

“I was laying in bed with my daughter and the smoke alarms went off and I went down to look in the laundry and I could see fire on the bottom,” mother Whittney Bunyan said.

The fire spread within seconds as Whitney escaped the Railway Parade home with her three young children. She managed to call for help at about 7am.

Whittney Bunyan managed to call for help at about 7am but her house could not be saved. Source: 7 News

“I had to get the kids out, it just happened so quickly, I didn’t think this would be the result, I didn’t think this could ever happen to us,” Ms Bunyan said.

Her partner, Rory Berkeley, was at work when he heard the news.

“I wasn’t sure if my family was out or not, so I’ve raced here, speeding, running every red light, cutting people off, just driving like a maniac, just to make sure my family was safe,” he said.

While the family survived, their dog Abby was trapped inside and died. The fire gutted every room in the house and all their possessions were destroyed.

“We lost everything; everything’s gone”, Mr Berkeley said.

Whittney and her partner Rory have lost everything. Source: 7 News

“Our dog got trapped inside. She went down with the house.”

The family believes that the fire may have started in a dryer the family bought off Gumtree only a few weeks ago. Fire investigators will now try to work out exactly how it ignited.

The house is so badly damaged it is likely to be demolished.

Left with only the clothes on their back, a GoFundMe page has been started to raise money for the family.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the couple and their three children. Source: GoFundMe

“Please help us, we’ve got three kids, we need things, we need clothes, we need anything… anything,” Ms Bunyan said.