Young boy shocked to hear he was finally going to receive much needed heart transplant

A teen born with a crippling heart condition was left in shock after his mother told him he was finally going to receive a heart transplant.

A video of 13-year-old Albert Jeffries IV being told the news by his mother Tina Turner was shared online – it has been viewed thousands of times in less than a week.

Footage shows Albert staring wide-eyed at his mum, eager to know what is going on.

“They got my heart?” he can be heard asking anxiously.

Albert was born with a dilated cardiomyopathy, which left him with an incapacitated heart.

Albert was stunned to learn he was finally going to get the help he needed.
Albert was stunned to learn he was finally going to get the help he needed.

He has spent the last 99 days in a hospital bed in Chapel Hill in the US.

During his stay he contracted double pneumonia and his kidneys started to fail.

Ms Turner told ABC News she was reduced to screaming and crying when she was told her son would get the heart he needed.

The transplant follows a lifetime of medical complications for Albert, including him being admitted to ICU at six and 10-years-old.

He also suffered heart failure during Christmas 2014.

With his health restored Albert will now be able to run and play sports and take part in activities that were once not possible.

He is expected to be out of hospital in a few weeks after his mother confirmed his surgery had been a success.

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