It's not a flock of birds, it's a 'fever' of stingrays

Mel Buttigieg

You might think twice about going for a dip if you come across an amazing spectacle like this, as thousands of stingrays swim together off the west central coast of Florida.

The large group of stinging creatures, referred to as a ‘fever’ was spotted recently at Tampa Bay.

Thousands of stingrays swim together at Tampa Bay, Florida. Source: Twitter/ FOX 13

Several types of stingrays are known to frequent the bay, so it's not exactly clear what kind of stingrays these are.

However local news station WFTS Tampa Bay reported cownose rays tend to swim in large groups in the bay.

The marine fish migrate north in late spring from areas in western Florida to Mexico.

An amazing spectacle form afar - just don't get too close! Picture: FOX 13

Menacing for humans who come into contact with the boneless creature, stingrays have a poisonous barb in their tails which can release a venom that is dangerous to humans.

The marine fish spend most of their time on the ocean floor to hide from predators, including sharks, seals and sea lions - as well as humans.

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