'You are a f***ing b***h': Cruel Christmas card sent to 11-year-old girl

Kate Burke

A distraught mother has taken to Facebook to hit back at bullies who sent her 11-year-old daughter an incredibly vile Christmas card.

The disturbing message was the last thing the woman expected to find when she opened the festive Christmas card with an image of four cats, which was given to her daughter named Grace.

“Hello B***h Grace,” the note began. “Your (sic) are a bitch. We all hate you.”

“You are a f**king b***h. And a little c**t,” it continued.

“We all hate you at school, basketball, football, running and the musical. Everywhere you go.”

The note also told Grace, who is believed to be from Ireland, not to ask people to her house or to sleepovers.

“We hate you. Don’t ask us. We hate your house,” it said.

“Go to a other school b***h,” the note concluded.

Grace's mother shared two photographs of the card to Facebook on Wednesday to highlight the trauma caused by such bullying, the Irish Independent reports.

Social media users were quick to hit back at the cruel card and let Grace know how wonderful she is.

“I’m sickened. Such a pity she had to read such vile hatred,” wrote Mairead O’Brien.

“Beautiful Grace, hope she keeps her head up high and I know as parents you will reassure her,” added Pauline Monaghan.

“God, I am in shock that somebody would send such a hateful card, and the timing of it when there should be love and peace.”