Yellowstone’s Kelly Reilly, Cole Hauser and Luke Grimes Threaten to Bail On Spinoff Over Salary Demands (Report)

Apparently, we don’t even need new episodes of Yellowstone to air for the Paramount Network hit to deliver fresh drama. Kelly Reilly, Cole Hauser and Luke Grimes are asking for massive pay hikes to continue on as Beth, Rip and Kayce, respectively, in series co-creator Taylor Sheridan‘s already-greenlit spinoff, per a report in industry newsletter Puck.

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Yellowstone series finale questions

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Sheridan hadn’t initially envisioned the trio as part of the Paramount+ offshoot, the franchise’s second set in present-day (after 6666). But when it was suggested that the fan favorites could act as a point of entry for the new show, he got on board. Now, the actors are said to be requesting sizable salary increases to saddle up once again.

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Reilly’s initial ask? $1.5M an episode, according to Puck. Hauser’s? $1.25M (as opposed to the $700k he currently makes). The on-screen couple is also asking to be at the top of the call sheet — above prospective lead Matthew McConaughey.

By comparison to Reilly and Hauser, Grimes is supposedly relatively chill about his payday.

Making matters even more complicated — and yes, believe it or not, that is possible — is the fact that the stars are pay-or-play for the sixth season of Yellowstone that was nixed in the wake of Sheridan’s conflict with OG lead Kevin Costner. Translation: Even though it isn’t happening, Reilly, Hauser and Grimes are contractually owed their wages for Season 6.

Puck claims that Paramount and 101 Studios, which produces Yellowstone, have suggested using the actors’ Season 6 pay to soften the blow of their raises. The actors, in turn, have maintained that that would be akin to paying them with money from their own wallets.

So, will Reilly, Hauser and Grimes sign on with the spinoff? Given that Paramount and 101 Studios have given them a deadline of this week to accept their final offer or ride off into the sunset, we should know soon. (Get more Yellowstone spinoff casting news here.)

TVLine has reached out to Paramount+ for comment but, as yet, has not received a response.

Would you be likelier to tune in to the Yellowstone spinoff with Beth, Rip and Kayce front and center? Answer in the comments.

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