Yellowjackets boss shares season 3’s exciting link to season 1

Yellowjackets spoilers follow.

We might have last seen them in despair over their cabin burning down to a crisp, but the Yellowjackets gang will be "thriving" in season 3, according to co-creator and co-showrunner Ashley Lyle.

Teasing what lies ahead for the football team stranded in the wilderness in the 1996 timeline, Lyle promised a similar "vibe" to that of season 1, in which the girls first adjusted to their new lives in the woods.

"The girls have been out there for a while – and they're thriving," Lyle told The Wrap at the GLAAD Media Awards, where Yellowjackets won the prize for Outstanding Drama Series.

the cast in the final episode of yellowjackets season2

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Lyle, who co-created the show with Bart Nickerson, revealed writing on the new season is currently underway.

"We're in the midst of [writing] right now. I don't want to give too much away. I always get in trouble," she said.

"I will say we see season 3 as a little bit of a return to season 1 in terms of the vibe, though. All I will say is that the girls have been out there for a while and they're thriving."

Originally renewed for a third instalment in December 2022, the horror-tinged mystery teen drama had seen production halted to comply with Hollywood's writers' strike last summer.

l r jane widdop as laura lee, alexa barajas plante as mari, mya lowe as yellowjacket 1, courtney eaton as lottie, sophie thatcher as natalie, keeya king as akilah and sophie nelisse as shauna in yellowjackets, photo credit kailey schwermanshowtime
Kailey Schwerman

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Speaking at the GLAAD Awards, Samantha Hanratty, who plays teen Misty, explained that the cast is "doing renegotiations right now" and that an official start date on filming may be reached soon.

"I want to get back there so bad. I want to start filming. I want to read these scripts. I want to know what the heck is going to happen," the actress said. "I have so many hopes of what's going to happen, but I have no idea."

Yellowjackets airs on Showtime in the US and Paramount+in the UK.

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