Best clips of 2013: The year s most memorable videos
Best clips of 2013: The year's most memorable videos

2013 served up some of the more incredible viral and amazing videos. Take a look at the best of the year.

1.One Nation candidate Stephanie Banister makes a monumental gaffe that all-but ends her political career.

2.Crashing the party: A man sneaks up on stage at Tony Abbott's election victory party, but is promptly tackled by security.

3.Security cameras capture the moment a teen falls 15 metres through a glass ceiling at a shopping arcade in Melbourne's CBD.

4.A woman caught making racist remarks on a Melbourne train stands by her comments.

5.Watch the horrifying moment a massive cargo jet crashes at an air base in Afghanistan.


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Broadcaster reports racist joke pilot names


Captain Sum Ting Wong? Wi Tu Lo? Ho Lee Fuk? Surely you can't be serious? These aren't the names of the pilots who crashed an Asiana jet at San Francisco Airport!


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Kiwi kids perform cutest Haka ever


All Blacks beware! These kids will surely scare off any menacing rugby team!

8.A Finks bikie gang member is gunned down on at a shop in Adelaide.


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Boyfriend scares sleeping girlfriend


Who'd want to be this guy's girlfriend? Watch as she gets the fright of her life!


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Raw: Louisiana Sinkhole Swallows Giant Trees


Surreal footage as a gaping sinkhole swallows trees in Louisiana, USA.

11.Emotions overflow in Boston after police finally capture Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the key suspect in the Boston Marathon Bombings.

12.This street performer has had enough of this bystander. Watch as he takes matters into his own hands!

13.Don't mess with this reporter! She's got all the moves to deal with drunks on the street.

14.This man has had enough of rowdy teens in his local Macca's, so he confronts them on their unruly behaviour.


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Meteorologist freaks out over spider


Tomorrow's forecast: Sunny with a chance of OH MY GOD WHAT'S THAT!

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