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A Coles sign on the left, an anxious woman in the centre and a Qantas plane on the right.
Don't despair, it will be okay. Unless you're an underpaid Coles employee or an Aldi shopper with their groceries thrown all over the floor. (Images: AAP, Getty)

Good morning.

Markets: US stocks fell overnight due to coronavirus concerns, leading to an expectation that the Australian market will open cautiously this morning. SPI200 futures were up just 0.06 per cent at 8am AEDT.

The Australian dollar was buying 66.88 US cents 8am AEDT this morning, down slighlty from 66.91 US cents on market close on Thursday.

Do you have a $1 coin worth $3,000? A Melbourne mum found this year 2000 coin in her stash that has a glaring error. And lucky for her, collectors love buying stuff like that.

Do you want free flights to London and Los Angeles? 100,000 Qantas points will get you there, and this how to score that much all in one hit – for free if you play your cards right.

Do you get stressed at the checkout at Aldi? There is apparently a simple way to stop the staff scanning your groceries so fast.

Wage thieves could be sent to 10 years' jail. Just as Coles revealed it had underpaid staff to the tune of $20 million, the Attorney-General's department has proposed tough new penalties for dodgy employers.

The government will not scrap the luxury car tax. Despite some Liberal backbenchers calling for the levy to be abolished – saying it is now irrelevant – the prime minister and treasurer has held firm.

Have a great day!

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