Awkward X-rated mistake on Kmart slow-cooker goes viral

Kmart customers are spotting an X-rated typo on the safety warning of a popular Kmart appliance.

People have been sharing photos online of the engraved instructions on the $19.00 Kmart slow cooker.

With one letter conspicuously out of place, the message has a whole new meaning.

The second “o” in the word “cook” on the fifth line of the warning was accidentally replaced with a “c”.

A popular Kmart pot has caused a stir on social media after customers spotted an unfortunate spelling mistake. Source: Kmart / AAP

“Caution,” the warning in the lining reads. “To prevent damage or shock hazard do not cook in this liner.”

“C**k only in container provided. Do not immerse in water.”

The typo was first shared to a closed Facebook group and people found the mistake rather amusing, with many making pun-tastic jokes, such as “what a c*ck up” and referring to the pot as a “c*ckpot”.

“Does this mean the meat will fall off the bone(r)?” one person quipped.

The embarrassing spelling mistake found on a Kmart pot has caused quite a stir online. Source: Facebook.

Since then, more people are finding the mistake on their cooker.

“So we bought the slow cooker from Kmart and noticed the caution warning in the lining of the slow cooker has just a little typo,” one woman said on Facebook, asking if people could spot the mistake, with three laughing emojis and two eggplant emojis.

A Kmart spokesperson confirmed to Yahoo News Australia the the mistake has been rectified and will not appear on any future orders.

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