Xi Jinping reiterates ‘crisis’ in Ukraine, emphasizes diplomatic resolution

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and Chinese leader Xi Jinping
Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and Chinese leader Xi Jinping

Chinese leader Xi Jinping said after a meeting with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin that Beijing supports idea of a “political settlement of Ukrainian crisis,” The Paper reported on May 16.

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“Both sides agree that a political settlement of Ukrainian crisis is the right direction," Xi Jinping said.

"China's position on this issue is consistent and clear, including abiding by purposes and principles of United Nations Charter, respecting sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries, respecting legitimate security interests of all parties, and building a new, balanced, effective and sustainable security architecture."

He also added that China “hopes for quick restoration of peace and stability on European continent and is ready to continue to play a constructive role in achieving this goal.”

China's position in Russian-Ukrainian war

In February 2023, Chinese Foreign Ministry published a document on settlement of war in Ukraine. In particular, Beijing called for a cessation of hostilities and the “resumption of direct dialogue” between Ukraine and Russia as soon as possible. At the same time, China did not mention withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine.

Chinese Special Representative Li Hui met with representatives of Russian Foreign Ministry in Moscow on March 2, stating that war in Ukraine should be “resolved through negotiations.”

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Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Galuzin and Li Hui said that a settlement of war in Ukraine is impossible without taking into account Russian interests on March 3.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that his country is ready to work on creating new driving forces for cooperation and strengthening friendship with Russia on March 7.

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On the same day, China's special representative arrived in Kyiv. Ukrainian side discussed with Li Hui prospects of establishing peace for Ukraine, restoring its territorial integrity and sovereignty on basis of Ukrainian Peace Formula.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken visited China on April 24-26. He expressed US concern about Beijing's support for Russia's defense industry. Blinken wants to warn China about “punitive measures” from United States, Financial Times reported.

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