'WTF': Wheel of fortune answer leaves viewers blushing

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An unusual puzzle on American game show Wheel Of Fortune has left contestants and viewers red faced over the suggestive context of the answer.

On the Thursday evening episode of the family television show viewers were teased with the puzzle, described as a “Before and After” phrase.

As contestants took turns spinning the wheel and guessing the missing letters, it was eventually solved as “Brushing up on my Italian sausage”.

'WTF': Wheel of fortune answer leaves viewers blushing. Source: Twitter
The Wheel of Fortune puzzle was a 'grilling expression' but social media users seemed to think it had a more cheeky tone. Source: Twitter

The live audience began to giggle at the answer as host Pat Sajak congratulated the winner who won $2450 USD ($3645 AUD) for guessing it correctly.

Mr Sajak clarified the phrase for those who were unfamiliar, confirming it was supposedly a phrase that avid barbecue users should be familiar with.

"Uh...it's a grilling expression,” he said with a smirk to the camera.

“Um ok… Maybe my mind is in the gutter?” One person joked on social media, tweeting a clip from the show.

Other users quickly joined in on the laughter, sharing the puzzle and joking about the double entendre on the family friendly program.

“What am I doing for Valentine’s Day? Well…” one person posted.

A few people feigned actual offence at the saucy puzzle answer.

“WTF… my 85-year-old mother watches your show,” one person said in a seemingly tongue-in-cheek reaction.

“Come on Wheel Of Fortune this is supposed to be a family show!” another tweeted.

Most people were able to see the humorous side and have a chuckle along with the host.

“So apparently the solution to a puzzle on Wheel of Fortune yesterday was ‘Brushing Up On My Italian Sausage’ ... and I think the jokes write themselves,” one person wrote.

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