Wrestler in intensive care after stunt goes horribly wrong

WARNING: The following article contains graphic images that some readers might find confronting.

A shocking act of violence has stunned professional wrestling and put a fighter in intensive care.

The horrific moment occurred in Mexico recently when Puerto Rican star Cuervo, aka ‘The Raven’, was on the receiving end of a brutal blow to the head.

During a ‘death match’, opponent Angel o Demonio hurled a cinder block at Cuervo, who was standing outside the ring with his back turned.

Demonio contends he was trying to hit his opponent in the back, but collected Cuervo flush on the head, knocking him unconscious.

The shocking moment. Image: Fightful Wrestling

The match was immediately abandoned as medical staff rushed to Cuervo’s aid.

Demonio tried to check on his rival but was ushered away by officials.

Cuervo was rushed to hospital where surgeons removed a blood clot, while a promotor announced that Cuervo had suffered a fractured skull.

“It was an epidural haematoma and he had a skull fracture,” the promoter announced.

“He had surgery to drain the clot. He is out of danger, is in intensive care and is responding satisfactorily.”

Cuervo was treated by officials before being rushed to hospital. Image: Fightful Wrestling

Cuervo’s manager Victor Arroyo also said his client was recovering well.

“We are informed that the operation to the Raven was a success. The clot was removed and is stable.

“Thank you all for the prayers and good vibes.”

Demonio later issued an apology but has been suspended indefinitely by the Boxing and Wrestling Commission of the State of Mexico.

The brick. Image: Fightful Wrestling

WWE legend Kurt Angle was among a number of furious onlookers.

“Give me 10 seconds with that stupid MFer that threw the brick. Shouldn’t be anywhere near the business,” Angle tweeted in response to the video.