Wrangler breaks up fight between two of the world's deadliest snakes

Jack Hogan was called out to the property in Woombye, on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, on October 7 as he had been told a pair of eastern brown snakes were fighting.

Arriving at the backyard, Mr Hogan noticed the aggressive reptiles rolling around on the grass, making his job of capturing them all the more difficult.

Lifting one snake up first and placing it in his black bag, the experienced catcher then takes a step back before tackling the second.

The pair of venomous snakes had been combatting on the lawn and separated as Jack approached them. Source: Caters

The serpent bares its sharp fangs on a couple of occasions, before his tail is caught and he is put in the same sack.

“It was a really exciting relocation,” Mr Hogan said.

Jack Hogan grabbed the first eastern brown off the ground and placed it into his bag. Source: Caters

“They were two big snakes and they were really slamming each other down and you could hear the hissing from across the paddock.

“You could hear each thud as they slammed each other to the ground.

“I would say they were almost two metres long each.”