Would you get this parking question in a learner driver’s test right?

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Would you get this parking question in a learner driver's test correct?

This Service NSW’s Driver Knowledge Test question below, accompanied by a freeway sign, asks the following: "You have just passed this sign. Can you park on this road?"

It then gives you three possible answers:

A. No, not at any time

B. Yes

C. Yes, but only in daylight hours

So do you know the right answer?

A question on the Service NSW's Driver Knowledge Test that reads: 'You have just passed this sign. Can you park on this road?' A freeway sign is pictured underneath.
The freeway question on the Service NSW's Driver Knowledge Test. Source: Service NSW

Answer to freeway question revealed

Like other busy road areas, drivers are not allowed to park on a freeway at any time so the answer here would be A: No – not at any time.

This is because Rule 177 of the Australian Road Rules makes it clear that drivers can’t park on the freeway at any time.

However, drivers who suffer a breakdown or have an immediate issue are allowed to pull over and stop in an emergency stopping lane to deal with the immediate issue.

With freeways often extremely busy and having vehicles travelling at high speeds, it’s no real surprise to learn that this rule is adopted in all states across Australia.

A busy freeway intersection is pictured.
Drivers are not allowed to stop on freeways at any time. Source: Getty Images

Police lurking with big fines

Most states won’t issue demerit points for anyone who illegally stops on a freeway, but police forces can issue large fines to anyone they catch breaking the law. Some of these fines include:

NSW: In New South Wales, drivers who are caught illegally stopped on a freeway can be given a staggering $272 fine.

VIC: Drivers face a fine of $107 from Victoria Police if they are found to be illegally stopped on a freeway.

QLD: Anyone in Queensland who is caught by police illegally stopped on the freeway will be fined one and a half penalty units, which is worth $206.

SA: There are big penalties for anyone who stops on a freeway in South Australia as drivers face being given a huge $382 fine from local police.

WA: Western Australia only has modest penalties for any driver caught stopped illegally on the freeway as they will be given a fine of one penalty unit, which currently sits at $50.

TAS: Drivers in Tasmania found to be doing the same thing on a freeway could get hit with a fine of $130 from Tasmania Police.

A coastline road in the summer.
Drivers will receive big fines from police if caught stopped on a freeway illegally. Source: Getty Images

ACT: Meanwhile in Canberra, ACT Police will give them an instant fine of $280 for their efforts.

With some big fines lurking for oblivious drivers parking on a freeway, it is worth taking note of your surroundings before you contemplate stopping your vehicle.

It’s why learners face questions like these to ensure that they don’t pick up on the bad habits of more experienced drivers they may be taking lessons from.

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