Would-be robbery victim throws acid in face of gun wielding offender

CCTV has captured a victim of a would-be jewellery store robbery, throwing acid in the face of a gun wielding offender.

A 31-year-old convicted killer with close ties to a Canadian street gang had sunk to a new low when he and an accomplice, walked into a jewellery store with the intention to rob it.

However their alleged plot took an unexpected turn, when Montreal store owner Vijay Verma and his relatives decided to fight back, despite the would-be robbers being armed with guns and a machete.

The attack occurred in January 2013, however the footage has been recently viewed in court as accused Richardson François, faced court.

The brawl erupted when François pulled out a pistol.

When he did so one of Verma’s relatives fought back by grabbing a tray of nitric acid, and tossing it in the faces of François and his accomplice.

The acid left the would-be robbers with life long scars – and François lost 50 per cent of his vision in one eye.

In court François’s defence layer said the attack wasn’t his finest moment.

François was being sentenced for two robberies and the alleged assault on a detainee who was reportedly beaten by seven men in a detention centre in 2014.

In January 2014 he pleaded guilty to armed robbery assault and other charges in relation to the Montreal jewellery store robbery.

He received a prison term of seven years for his sentence.