‘Worst apartment ever’: Real estate agent shows off incredibly small studio

Ash Cant
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A real estate agent has used his TikTok platform to showcase what he believes is the “worst” apartment he has ever seen.

The @newyorkcityrealtor usually shares breathtaking New York City apartments on TikTok, however the most popular video to date showcases a tiny studio apartment, with no bathroom, in one of the most sought after neighbourhoods in the city.

The “worst” apartment ever, according to the TikTok account is located in the West Village and is $1650 ($A2160) a month.

The "worst apartment ever" in New York City is $US1650 a month and has a communal toilet and shower. Source: TikTok/newyorkcityrealtor
The "worst apartment ever" in New York City is a $US1650 a month tiny apartment says one agent. Source: TikTok/newyorkcityrealtor

“This is what $1650 gets you in the most desirable neighbourhood in New York City,” the realtor, identified by the Daily Mail as Cameron Knowlton, says.

The studio is incredibly narrow, with a decent window and a small kitchen without an oven, stove or freezer and a mini fridge, with a single closet tucked away.

People were genuinely surprised it is perfectly legal to rent out an apartment for so much, when there is such little space.

“I’d rather live outside with the rats,” one person commented, while others compared it to a “shoebox” or a college dorm due to its small size.

“This is the size of my bathroom,” one person said and speaking of, there is no bathroom in the apartment.

Mr Knowlton made a separate video of the bathroom, which is communal.

“It is literally just as bad as you can imagine,” he says in part two.

In the second part of the ‘worst apartment ever” series, Mr Knowlton is standing in the middle of the studio, which only highlights how small it is, and then walks out the front door and down the hallway.

“Here is the first part of the bathroom – you’re going to need your key, because this is for security purposes,” he explains.

He unlocks the door to reveal a single toilet with no sink, which is shared by everyone who lives in the complex.

Mr Knowlton explains if you want to shower, you have to go to the other part of the hallway.

The shower is also communal, as is the soap, if you don’t mind sharing.

“I just know Covid is 30, flirty and thriving in that building,” one person commented.

The first video has already received over 20 million views since it was shared under a week ago, while the second video has 2.6 million views.

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