'What did plates ever do to you?': Outrage over cafe's hipster spin on traditional English breakfast

Breakfast lovers in the UK are getting their nickers in a twist over a café opting to replace plates with jars to serve up its full English breakfast.

While the Cardiff café’s hipster take on a British tradition is tame in comparison to Melbourne’s pretentious brekky trends of deconstructed meals and "avolattes", the Poms are outraged and venting their frustration on social media.

A picture of the jam-packed clear jar featuring layers of egg, baked beans, hash browns and sausages, topped with bread, went viral after it was shared on Instagram.

“Come try one of our breakfasts in a jar, we're serving them until 5!” read the seemingly innocent post.

But the Brits didn’t hold back their offence to the presentation of the sacred dish.

“What did plates ever do to you?” one asked.

“Just use a plate you f***ing monsters,” another demanded.

The breakfast in a jar is tame in comparison to the very Melbourne Jafflechute. Picture: Twitter

A third Instagram user commented: “Is this some sort of sh*** hipster wanker joke?!”

“If I ordered a meal and it turned up in this, I'd send it back,” the insults continued.

But some welcomed the controversial dish.

“Would deffo love one of these! Embrace the change people! Get funky and fun with your food it's different and enjoyable like,” one person wrote.

The eatery has fought fire with fire using Instagram to have the last say.

An example of "deconstructed coffee" popular in Melbourne. Picture: Instagram

Munchies Cadriff this week shared a snap of a blackboard, with the words written in chalk: “If you don’t want your breakfast in a jar, please don’t abuse us on Twitter. Just ask for a plate!”

Founder Jordan Wentzel told the Mirror he was disappointed his café gained publicity for the jar breakfast, rather than the gourmet cheese toasties he says Munchies has a solid reputation for.

The $17 breakfast board is the Abbtsford café's biggest seller. Picture: Reddit

"It's convenience, so customers are able to take it away - and also, who said food has to be served on plates?!"

Melbourne has grown into Australia’s unrivaled hipster capital in recent years.

In June a Melbourne pop-up café was slammed on social media for reportedly charging $5 for a spoon of Nutella.

The 'avolatte' takes the hipster level to extreme. Source: Twitter

Another hot brekky item is the $17 do-it-yourself avocado on toast. Abbotsford’s trendy Burns café offered the "deconstructed" breakfast board includes half an avocado, edamame smash, two slices of sourdough and a poached egg – but diners have to put it together themselves.

Deconstructed coffee has also become increasingly popular across the city, with Melbourne customers served up separate beakers of coffee, water and milk to mix themselves.

But let’s not forget the Jafflechute - a toasted cheese sandwich attached to a parachute that's dropped from a building.

Newsbreak - August 13

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