Rio de Janeiro's Christ the Redeemer named as one of world's most dangerous places to visit

Brazil's towering Christ the Redeemer state is one of the most iconic tourist destinations in the world - but it's also become one of the most dangerous.

Watching over the city of Rio de Janeiro, the iconic Wonder of the World has featured in countless films and attracts thousands of visitors each year.

But in recent years it has become increasingly dangerous, as young, armed criminals from the surrounding favelas, or slums, lay in wait for tourists to rob.

Rio de Janeiro's iconic Christ the Redeemer statue has become an increasingly dangerous place to visit. Source: AAP

Last Friday the steep four kilometre Corcovado jungle trail that takes tourists to the venue was closed down after a Polish man was stabbed, one of 58 people robbed in just 10 days.

More than 150 people have been robbed along the trail in 2017, making the route so dangerous that locals have tied notes to trees with the message: "Be cautious. Do not risk your life."

A man was stabbed along the trail to the Redeemer last Friday, causing police to close the trail. Source: AAP

Two weeks ago a Dutch student was close to the end of the trail when she was confronted by three Brazilian men armed with knives.

The robbers got away with cameras, cash and enough items to fill two backpacks.

The statue, shown here with the Olympic torch in 2016, presides over one of the most crime-ridden capitals in the world. Source: AAP

Rio de Janeiro has become one of the most crime-ridden capitals in the world, with more than 400 murders committed in just one month.

So far this year there have been more than 2000 murders, including 85 police officers.

Christ the Redeemer, which averages more than 5000 visitors a day, is still accessible to tourists - but only by train, van or taxi.

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