Revealed: What happened when this man didn't brush his teeth for 20 years

Your teeth are your friends for life. Take care of them and they will take care of you.

If only that message had been shared with this young UK lad who avoided brushing for 20 years.

A man identified only as “Jay” claims his parents never encouraged him to brush or floss.

The 21-year-old told TV show Embarrassing Bodies he became increasingly worried about visiting the dentist the more his teeth decayed.

'Jay' die not brush his teeth for 20 years. Source: Channel 4

“Over the years I've eaten the wrong foods, I've drank lots of fizzy drinks and I haven't really taken care of them - I haven't really brushed them or flossed or anything like that," Jay admitted when he appeared on the show.

Eventually Jay let dentist Dr James Russell poke around in his mouth and it was soon discovered that the young man’s teeth were caked in tartar from years of eating and drinking sans cleaning.

A hygienist blasted the gunk away from the teeth and gums, revealing the true damage to the chompers.

Once the plaque was removed Jay still had to lose 11 teeth. Source: Channel 4

Jay was taken for a CT scan, which revealed he would have to lose 11 teeth.

Despite the rot that travelled through to the root and gums, the bones embedded in the gums were still healthy enough for implants.

But Jay had to make a promise he would change his habits and lifestyle first with a commitment to regular brushing and a limited sugary drink intake.

Curse of the black pearls: Jay learnt the hard way about the benefits of good dental hygiene. Source: Channel 4

"I'm willing to give up more fizzy drinks and I'm more into a routine so I'll be able to brush when I get up now," Jay said at the time.

Jay’s episode originally aired in 2011 but the image of his rotten teeth has gone viral this week.

And with school children around the world on holidays, it’s a timely and timeless reminder about the benefits of good dental hygiene.

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