'We saw things we wished we hadn't': Kiwis let victims go ahead of them on tragic Dreamworld ride

A New Zealand man says his group let the victims of the Dreamworld tragedy jump the queue on the ride that led to the death of four of them.

Speaking to Newshub, the 25-year-old Christchurch man recalled the moment he and his partner were about to get on the raft when they let the other group jump in first.

Photo: 7 News

The man, who says he was left traumatised by the incident, says the group were waiting for the mother to catch up for one final ride before their bus arrived.

In the end, it ended up being the last ride of their lives.

"We saw things we wished we hadn't," he told Newshub.

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The Kiwis were already sitting in their raft but still in the conveyor belt when the accident happened so they managed to jump out safely.

He says he is now "counting his lucky stars" but doesn't think he can ever visit a theme park again.

Emergengy services at the scene of the incident. Image: 7 News

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The accident on the Thunder River Rapids ride at Dreamworld took the lives of two men and two women on Tuesday afternoon.

The theme park is closed until further notice.


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