WATCH: Terrified customers flee café amid fears of new Paris attacks

An interview with Paris residents captured how quickly fear can take over when café patrons were filmed reacting to what they thought was another attack.

ITV journalist Tom Bradby was sitting in a café near Place de la Republique with several young Parisians when the shock of fear set in.

Celia Caracena and her friends react to what was thought to be another attack as they sat in a Paris café. Source ITV

Asked whether Friday's attacks would stop her going out, Celia Caracena said it was "better not to think about" such things.

"How can you tell this going to happen this day or tomorrow? " she told the journalist. "You cannot know because you cannot do anything about it."

People jumped over chairs and tables as they made their escape. Source: ITV


She had barely finished speaking when a man shouted in another part of the restaurant. A look of terror fell on Ms Caracena's face.

She and her friends dove under their table as patrons ran for the streets, knocking over chairs, glasses and climbing across tables. A 90-year-old woman holding a dog was battered about, unable to move as people ran from the restaurant.

Patrons knocked over tables and chairs as they fled what was first thought to be another attack: Source: ITV

People were filmed running through the streets, fleeing away from what they thought was another attack.

The interview was conducted as mourners gathered to pay their respects for the dead on Sunday night. Scores were forced to flee multiple areas in central Paris after panic erupted over what police since confirmed was a false alarm.


- Death toll now stands at 132
- 89 people were killed at Bataclan theatre
- As many as 352 were wounded, many in critical condition
- Six coordinated gun and bomb attacks
- Three teams of terrorists
- French national named Ismaël Omar Mostefaï as one of the attackers
- Father and brother arrested
- Europe-wide manhunt underway for Abdeslam Salah
- Hundreds of mourners flee Place de la Republique on false alarm.

Panicked scenes were triggered at Place de la Republique and Le Carillon hotel when police yelled "Alert, alert!", evacuating the areas.

With the city already on edge, mourners at the impromptu gatherings were sent running while others took cover after a loud bang was heard in the evening. Police and military personnel drew their weapons and took up defensive positions around the streets in response.

Mourners gather at the Place de la Republique on Sunday evening following Friday's deadly attacks. Source: AAP

Police have since confirmed it was a false alarm and there are different reports about the possible cause of the noise. There are reports the noises were fireworks, others suggest it was a car back-firing.

"There was crowd movement with apparently with no reason," one police officer in the city centre told Reuters.

"We hadn't heard anything and all the people we questioned hadn't heard anything either."

French security forces at Place de la Republique respond to what was later found to be a false alarm. Source: AAP

Emergency officials have confirmed the panic and sudden movements were set off when people believed there was a gunman in the crowd.

The panicked scenes come as the death toll from the string of deadly attacks that rocked Paris on Friday night rose to 132 after three more victims died in hospital.

It comes as information emerges about the assailants who died in the Paris attacks were Frenchmen who had lived in Brussels, according to Belgian prosecutors.


The Belgian authorities are holding seven people for questioning in connection with the attacks, and investigators have found that two cars used in the operation were rented in Belgium, they added.

"It appears that two French nationals, who lived in Brussels... were identified as among the attackers who died on the spot," the federal prosecutor's office said in a statement.

The statement said two cars registered in Belgium were found in the Paris area, with one found near the Bataclan, where 89 people lost their lives.

A French police officer tells people to stay back as forces respond to reports of a loud bang. Source: AAP

Heavily-armoured police swoop to areas around Place de la Republique after a loud bang caused hundreds to flee. Source: AAP

A spokesman later told AFP the second car was discovered in the eastern suburb of Montreuil -- correcting an earlier statement which said it was found near Paris' Pere Lachaise cemetery.

"The investigation shows that the two vehicles were rented at the beginning of the week in the Brussels area," the statement added.

It said that a total of seven people had been detained for questioning.

"Some of them may be put before an investigating magistrate in the next few hours," it added.

It was previously announced that police made several arrests when they carried out raids Saturday in the poor immigrant Brussels neighbourhood of Molenbeek, which has been linked to past terror plots.

The prosecutors did not confirm whether all of the seven were arrested in Molenbeek.

Belgian Justice Minister Koen Geens said Saturday that the arrests in Molenbeek "can be seen in connection with a grey Polo car rented in Belgium" found near the Bataclan.

At least 132 people were killed and more than 350 injured in coordinated attacks that targeted the Bataclan, restaurants and the Stade de France stadium.

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