US teen facing charges for running over teen gang that allegedly robbed him

A US teen is facing charges after a gang of thugs allegedly robbed him at gunpoint before he chased them down in his car and ran them over.

Rio Rancho Police Department in New Mexico said 18-year-old Quinn Chavez was allegedly lured to a park by a friend, 19-year-old Christopher Gutierrez.

The two teens arrived in Chavez's car and were met by three more teens who allegedly robbed Chavez at gunpoint, taking his watch, phone and other items from the car.

“The subjects that committed the robbery inside the vehicle then made a quick exit and left the area,” said Police Captain Paul Rogers.

When the gang fled Chavez chased them down with his car.

Police Captain Paul Rogers said none of the alleged crimes should have happened. Source: KRQE

A home security camera captured the moment of impact when Charvez drove his car at the gang, hitting three and sending Gutierrez spinning through the air.

“In his terminology, he didn’t mean to run those subjects over,” Captain Rogers told KRQE.

Chavez allegedly ran the gang over after they robbed him at gunpoint: Source: Supplied

“The fact that the crime occurred at all, is something the police department doesn’t want to see,” said Captain Rogers.

All the teens involved, including Chavez, are facing charges.

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