Brazen thief livestreams daylight robbery

This is either the world's most daring thief or just a really talented con artist.

Footage uploaded to streaming site Periscope on Thursday supposedly showed a robber breaking into a home in the Netherlands, while live streaming it on the internet.

The vision, taken on a Go Pro, shows the brazen thief walking around the home and stealing a number of expensive items including a laptop and cosmetics.

VK Mag, a brominate Dutch blog site, said they'd even received an email from the robber tipping them off about the live stream before it started.

“Kind of weird email in our inbox this morning from someone who claims that he is going to break in and burglarise,” VK Mag wrote.

“Since we are still very curious, we will keep this in mind.”

The vision has divided online viewers, with many labelling it fake.

“All staged, only single pane of glass in bottom of door, and knew where he was going, to (sic) neat and tidy,” Phil Powell wrote.

“It’s fake, he exactly knew where the items are, and he just took random backpack on floor and carried it around,” another commented.

News break - July 31

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