Pilot's mysterious text to family before plane crash death

A UK businessman received death threats just two weeks before he died in a mysterious plane crash, a coroner has heard.

Pilot's mysterious text to family before plane crash death

Muhammad Naviede died in a plane crash in 2014. Source: The London News

Experienced pilot Muhammad Naviede, who had previously been jailed for fraud, died in August 2014 when his Piper Tomhawk crashed into a field near Buckinghamshire.

A pre-inquest hearing heard that before his plane plummeted to the ground, Mr Naviede sent a text message to his brother saying: “I’m in a plane out of control and it's going down.”

However, an investigation by the Air Accident Investigation Branch (AAIB) found the plane did not enter its fatal spin until two minutes after the message was sent.

They also found no fault with the plane, no evidence of third party involvement, or any indication that bad weather had caused the crash.

The scene of the fatal plane crash. Source: The London News

In a series of emails sent before his death, Mr Naviede told his family he had been receiving threatening messages.

Bob Moxon Browne QC, who is representing one of Mr Naviede's life insurers, said jurors should be asked to consider a verdict of unlawful killing when a full hearing into the case begins in December.

“If someone says someone threatened you and in two weeks you are dead, you'd want to put that to the jury,” he said.

The pre-inquest also heard Mr Naveide was due to return to the Elstree Aerodrome but radioed mid-flight to say he would not be coming back.

However he did not book an alternate destination.

Mr Naveide then began to fly in a circle for almost an hour, during which time he made several phone calls.

A short time later, he made a Mayday distress call and said he had: "Lost control of the aircraft and it's gone into a spin."

He then confirmed his location before repeating he’d lost control of the plane.

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