Police honoured for taking down armed attacker

Who says police need guns to take down armed suspects?

Police in Nottinghamshire, UK, have released footage of two constables squaring off against an aggressive man, armed with a large knife who appears determined to not to go down with a fight.

PCs Alex Prentice and Debbie Wishart hold their ground though, screaming at the man to drop the knife while defending themselves only with pepper spray and a batton.

Lee Vickers tries to attack the officers with a large knife. Photo: Supplied

The man, identified by police as Lee Vickers, confronted the two constables at his front door when they were called to the property of a domestic incident.

“Come on, come on then. Me and you now,” Vickers is heard shouting at PC Prentice.

After lunging at the pair with the weapon, he is subdued and arrested after a short struggle.

Now the two officers have been honoured for the professional and effective handling of the situation (even if PC Prentice did swear for a moment).

The man was eventually subdued by the two constables. Photo: Supplied

Vickers was jailed for more than three years while the officers received the Chief Constable’s Commendation and the Boatman Shield earlier this year.

The Daily Mail reports the Northhamtonshire Police said the two police officers “both demonstrated courage, cool resilience and outstanding professionalism in the face of extreme danger.”

It was a hard days work though, according to the officers.

“It’s not something we come across every day,” PC Prentice said.

“Even though you prepare for these situations, they are still difficult to deal with.”

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