Chilling video emerges of Harris with Savile

Chilling video has emerged of Rolf Harris with notorious child sex offender and entertainer Jimmy Savile.

Chilling video emerges of Harris with Savile

Chilling video emerges of Harris with Savile

A video from 1992 shows Harris drawing a picture with Savile as they give an interview for Britain's ITV.

Savile has been exposed as one of the UK's most prolific pedophiles, and will now be joined in disgrace by Harris, who was found guilty of 12 counts of child sex abuse.

The video shows Harris laughing and joking with Savile as he draws a caricature of the disgraced TV entertainer.

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As many as 19 victims of Harris have come forward to reveal how the man known as "the octopus" systematically abused girls over several decades.

The picture, signed by Harris, was sold for $8100 in an auction of Savile's items and memorabilia in July 2012, the Huffington Post reported.

Harris will almost certainly be jailed and could die behind bars after being found guilty of indecently assaulting four girls, including his daughter's childhood friend.

The 84-year-old is also facing fresh allegations and possible police investigations in both the UK and Australia.

Harris was labelled a "sinister pervert" during his eight-week London trial and on Monday, after eight days of deliberations, the jury unanimously backed the prosecutor's assessment.

Harris will be sentenced on Friday but Justice Nigel Sweeney has already made clear he can expect to go to jail.

"Given the conviction on all 12 counts, it's inevitable that the type of sentence uppermost in the court's mind is a custodial sentence," the judge said.

And the legacy of his decorated 50-year career is already being purged.

Harris has been stripped of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts Fellowship he was awarded two years ago and will likely lose his CBE from the Queen.

In Australia, he's been kicked out of the ARIA Hall of Fame and could lose his Order of Australia.

Harris's hometown of Perth is moving to tear up monuments honouring the now convicted sexual predator and his old school has removed his paintings.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott said he was "gutted and dismayed" by the news of Harris's guilt.

"It's just sad and tragic that this person who was admired seems to have been a perpetrator," he said.

There could be more to come.

A number of women have come forward since Harris first appeared in court and UK child protection charity NSPCC says it's received calls from 13 people who claim they fell prey to the performer.

Outside the court, deputy chief crown prosecutor Jenny Hopkins praised the victims who courageously took on the star.

"Rolf Harris used his status and position as a world-famous children's entertainer to sexually assault young girls over a period spanning 18 years," Ms Hopkins told a large media pack.

The Australian even featured in an educational video warning against the dangers of child abuse in the mid-1980s when he'd already been a sex pest for 15 years.

Harris was convicted of 12 indecent assaults against four girls in the UK between 1968 and 1986. The main victim was a childhood friend of Bindi.

Another six women gave supporting evidence during the trial that Harris abused them in Australia, New Zealand and Malta between 1969 and 1991.

Harris wasn't charged over those alleged incidents because they occurred outside the UK.

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