Bride-to-be killed on way to bachelorette party

A woman who was just weeks away from getting married has died just minutes after sharing a selfie with her best friend.

Collette Moreno

Collette Moreno

Collette Moreno was in the passenger seat being driven to the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri by her friend Ashley Theobold when she was involved in a vehicle crash, KCTV5 reports.

Theobold, who was driving at the time, was trying to pass a truck when she collided with a car coming the other way.

The pair were on the way to Moreno's bachelorette party when the accident happened.

Theobold said that they were trying to pass the truck because it was emitting exhaust fumes, which were causing Moreno, an asthmatic, to cough.

Both Theobold and Moreno thought the way was clear to pass.
“We both thought it was clear and there was a hill that neither one of us saw,” Theobald said.

“I tried to go around and there was a truck coming and I swerved and he swerved with me.”

The selfie Collette Moreno took with her best friend Ashley Theobald minutes before the crash. Photo: KCTV5

The pair were taken to hospital with what appeared to be minor injuries, but Moreno was declared dead three hours after the crash.

Just minutes before the incident, Moreno and Theobold shared a smiling selfie, unaware of what was about to happen.

Jesse Arcrobasso, Moreno's fiancé, drove straight to the hospital when he heard about the crash.

“I was just trying to hold on to the fact that she was going to be okay,” he told Fox4KC.

Collette Moreno was due to marry Jesse Arcobasso in July. Photo: KCTV5

Moreno also leaves behind a five-year-old son named Braden.

“He doesn’t quite understand everything just yet,” Arcobasso said.

“I know it’s going to take time.”

Moreno and Arcobasso were due to marry on July 26.

Theobold is expected to face charges of carless and imprudent driving, but won't face criminal charges, the Missouri Highway Patrol said.

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