Wedding party take the plunge

We’ve heard of taking the plunge but this is ridiculous …

Wedding party take the plunge

Wedding party take the plunge

You would have thought wedding parties would have learned their lesson by now but this American couple – as well as the bridesmaids, ushers and guests - got a soaking when the pier in Crosslake Minnesota collapsed under them during a snap.

Remarkably, the party dried out in time for the wedding to start only ten minutes late.

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A bear climbs into a hammock to recline for around 20 minuets,a surprising scene captured on camera by Daytona Beach resident Rafael Torres. Via Reuters.

Lee Thompson was recently in Rio de Janeiro to research the preparations for this summer’s World Cup.

While there, he says he managed to convince the Brazilian tourist board to let him go atop the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue and take some photographs.

The resulting photo selfie quickly went viral and now this video selfie is going viral too.

Credit: YouTube/Lee Thompson via Storyful

According to Cameron’s parents, he absolutely loves tractors. As soon as he hears one he immediately perks up.

On the other hand, he also loves to play in his paddling pool.

After spending the day in the pool, Cameron decided it was time to ride his tractor. Unfortunately, it seems the little guy was far too exhausted to enjoy it and he ended up falling asleep on it whilst it was still in motion. Watch as he drives in a loop whilst conked out.

Credit: YouTube/Nicholas Hughes via Storyful

Melbourne Zoo’s baby elephant has made a splash, making his first foray into the water at his new enclosure.

Six-month-old 'Man Jai' was joined by the rest of the herd as he made his first foray into the water and it it didn't take him long at to hit the water as he plunged. trunk first, into the deep.

Precinct manager Dominic Moss said: “It's a brand new paddock for him, he's never seen it, there's all sorts of new sights and smells and sounds and of course the best part is this Olympic-sized swimming pool.”

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