Teen cancer campaigner hospitalised after suffering 'breathing difficulties'

A teen cancer patient who has inspired thousands around the world and raised more than $5 million after he "coughed up a tumour" has been readmitted to hospital.

Teen cancer sufferer 'coughed up tumour'

Teen cancer sufferer 'coughed up tumour'

Stephen Sutton, 19, became a worldwide sensation after sending out a final thumbs up photo last week after suffering from incurable bowel cancer, the Huffington Post reported.

Sutton has been chronicling his battle through his ‘Stephen'sStory’ Facebook blog and Twitter account @-StephensStory.

He posted a farewell to his followers: “It’s a final thumbs up from me!”

“Generally I am feeling very weak and the slightest bit of movement is leaving me short of breath.

"I am also finding it tiring to speak and even typing this message is hard work.

He described his readmission over the weekend as "very inconvenient".

"Unfortunately I’ve ended up back in hospital. I had some breathing difficulties starting last night and after going to A&E have been admitted back to a ward for monitoring," he wrote on Sunday.

Things took a strange turn for the better earlier this month when Stephen began coughing.

"I developed a slight cough which slowly got worse as the day went on," Sutton posted on his Facebook page. "I developed a slight 'wheeze' in my breathing again which gradually got worse."

"After some visitors I had round in the evening left I tried sitting up in a chair, but straight away started asking the nurse to increase my oxygen levels as I was getting extremely short of breath.

This picture of Stephen Sutton giving a final thumbs up went viral last week. Photo: Supplied

"I then returned to my bed where I stabilised slightly for a while, but my breathing was still not right.

"After a lying there for a bit longer the coughing increased and then suddenly the shortness of breath became incredibly severe.

"Amongst frantic hand pointing and panicking I felt like I was like suffocating. Then I forced out an oval red stained solid object through my mouth.

"My breathing and airway straight away felt clearer, but I spent the next hour violently coughing and choking, but then eventually my breathing once again stabilised.

"Since then, my breathing has dramatically improved. I'm really stuck for the words of how to describe it.

"Throughout the night my throat was pretty sore but my 02 and other saturation levels are great.

"This morning I am relying on NO external oxygen to breath at all and I'm feeling bloody fantastic!!"

Sutton's battle with the disease has prompted a worldwide response, with more than $5 million raised for the UK's Teenage Cancer Trust, the largest the organisation has ever received.

The teen had originally hoped to raise $1.8 million for the charity, but received a massive influx of donations after a post last week of the cancer sufferer giving a thumbs up went viral.

At the time, Sutton believed he wouldn't be posting again as he was feeling very weak.

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