The awkward first kiss experiment

A video that started off as an electric experiment has ended up going viral around the globe as hundreds of thousands ponder what an awkward kiss would be like.

The awkward first kiss experiment

The awkward first kiss experiment

Tatia Pilieva uploaded a video called First Kiss on YouTube on March 10.

Within 24 hours, it had hit one million views.

The video, which has been described as like “watching a romantic comedy turn into a true story”, follows 20 strangers who have been asked to kiss each other for the first time.

While it starts off awkwardly, as strangers hesitantly introduce themselves, it finishes as an explosion of kissing fireworks.

Beautifully awkward or awkwardly beautiful?

"Can you turn off the lights?" a girl asks when prompted to kick off the kissing.

"Are we good to go whenever?" asks another nervous looking gentleman.

All the funniest parts are in the video above, but if you want to see all the kissing, see Tatia Pilieva’s First Kiss video in full here.

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