The miracle baby born from tragic circumstances
The miracle baby born from tragic circumstances

Carolina Sepe

Carolina Sepe, of Lauro in Italy, died last week in a Naples hospital after a 27 week pregnancy - four months of which she had spent in a coma.

The 25-year-old Sepe was just ten weeks pregnant when her neighbour burst into her family home and shot her in the head. The shooting was triggered by a dispute over a car accident with Sepe's father.

The neighbour, Domenico Aschettino, also shot Sepe's brother and mother, and fatally wounded her grandmother.

For the next 17 weeks, Carolina Sepe remained in a coma as her pregnancy continued. It was hoped that she would regain consciousness.

When Sepe's vital signs deteriorated in mid-December, doctors made the decision to save the baby before it was too late. They performed a caesarean section at 27 weeks. Tragically, Sepe passed away on Saturday, just 16 days after the birth of her daughter, Maria Liliana.

Hospital director, Franco Paradiso, explained the decision to The Telegraph, saying “The patient’s condition had worsened and so we opted to intervene”.

Although born prematurely at just 27 weeks, Maria Liliana weighed in at a healthy 1.1kg. She is currently on life support but doctors say she is in a stable condition.

Sepe's husband, Giampiero Siniscalchi, was fortunate enough to escape the shooting with the couple's two-year-old son, Eliseo. Following the tragedy, the family have had incredible support from their community.

The mayor of Lauro, Antonio Bossone, said Maria Liliana would receive all the support she needs until she turns 18-years-old. He said, “The town will stay close to help her grow and to guarantee a serene future.”

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