Maria Sharapova gets strange request at a Melbourne cafe

As a professional athlete, odd requests from time to time are expected, especially in this era of social media that skips the middle man between fan and athlete, but not many fans are willing to part with an iPhone to get what they want.

Maria Sharapova, someone who has surely landed thousands of interesting requests from men over the years, posted this image below of an iPhone she got with the simple request of a selfie taken with the phone.

Sharapova's reaction is incredible in the picture, simply looking as confused as you or I would be if we got a phone with our dinner bill from someone hoping to get a picture of us with their own phone, but I guess now we wait and see what Sharapova decides to do with the fan request.

Sharapova, of course, will kick off her bid for a second Australian Open title on January 13 in Melbourne, meaning she has a few days left to get that picture snapped and returned in the mail.

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