Woman reveals secret addiction to eating mattresses
Woman reveals secret addiction to eating mattresses

A woman has revealed a secret addiction to eating mattress stuffing on TLC show My Strange Addiction.

Jennifer said she has been eating mattresses for almost two decades, and indulges in the bizarre behaviour every day.

"Usually when I crave to eat some mattress it will usually be after two oclock, I gotta have it," she told TLC.

While a mattress is merely a comfortable place to sleep for most, Jennifer knows the makeup of the mattress intimately and has her favourite sections.

"I start off with the good stuff, the good stuff is the pillow top itself"

"After that I just start ripping it as I go."

Jennifer has been eating mattresses for two decades Photo: Youtube

Jennifer said she knows she's done with a mattress when it begins to smell or is chewed down to the springs.

She also said that she craves mattress after having sex.

Although she believes the biggest problem associated with her habit is gas, Jennifer's family understandably worries about her health.

"I'm very concerned about her health and her digestive system, because I have seen it in the toilet," her brother said.

"It comes out in whole pieces."

Jennifer has reportedly vowed to kick her habit after a doctor told her she could die from ingesting the dangerous materials found in mattresses.

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