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Plastic surgeon dad gifts daughter s boob jobs
Plastic surgeon dad gifts daughter's boob jobs

An American plastic surgeon knows all too well the importance of word-of-mouth marketing.

Shocking his wife and members of the community, Orange County surgeon Dr Michael Niccole has gifted both his adopted daughters with breast augmentation surgery.

Daddy's girls Charm, 25, and Brittani also 25, are proud to display their father's handiwork, with the glamorous pair even recommending their friends be operated on by their father.

Sisters Charm and Brittani are proud of their breast enhancements, performed by their father Dr Michael Niccole. Photo: Youtube

"Having surgery done by my dad makes sense - he's the best at what he does and I know I'm in safe hands.

"Growing up in Orange County and seeing so many people having surgery, it never seemed like a big deal to me.

"Out here cosmetic surgery is a normal part of everyday life," Charm told Barcroft TV.

The girls have both undergone several surgical procedures. Photo: Youtube

However this isn't the first time the girls have gone under their father's knife.

Charm was just ten-years-old when she first allowed her father to surgically correct her protruding belly button.

Brittani began surgery at 18, first having her A-cup breasts enhanced to a C-cup then undergoing a rhinoplasty to change the shape of her nose.

Both girls have regular Botox injections.

Dr Niccole reguarly touches-up the girls' Botox. Photo: Youtube

"Every other month I'll get something done to my skin," said Charm.

"I think Botox is important because it prevents you from getting wrinkles. I also get Botox in my armpits, which helps me stop sweating."

In addition to receiving criticism for their love of surgery, the sisters also have to deal with uncomfortable questions about having their father see their breasts.

"Some people also say, 'Isn't it weird that your dad has seen your breasts?' and I say no." Brittani explained.

"First of all I'm his daughter and he's seen me naked when I was a baby, so who really cares?"

Dr Niccole similarly feels there's nothing wrong with the familial arrangement.

"There are people that would critique me for doing a breast augmentation for my daughter at 18," Dr Niccole said.

"But I've been doing surgery for 30 years and I wanted the best of care, which I feel I can deliver to my daughter."